D9000i gasoline generator charger


The DJI D9000i Generator is a specially designed powerhouse for agricultural drones, optimizing field operations where AC power is scarce. With its capability to swiftly boost a pair of drone batteries from 30% to 95% in merely 10 minutes, it ensures drones can operate continuously, essential for detailed precision agriculture activities. Notably fuel-efficient, the generator needs just 0.6 liters of fuel to fully charge a T30 smart battery, and with a fuel tank capacity of 25 liters, it supports up to 48 charging cycles. Beyond its primary function, the D9000i’s nominal DC output of 220V enables it to double as a conventional petrol electric generator, broadening its utility on the farm. Its compact, cubic design, measuring 610 X 520 X 625 millimeters and weighing 65 kg, makes it both portable and suitable for the agricultural environment, offering a blend of convenience and robust performance. This generator transcends its role as a mere power supply unit, embodying a versatile solution that empowers modern farmers to maximize the benefits of drone technology for efficient and sustainable farming practices, making it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of precision agriculture.13

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D9000i all-round frequency conversion charging station
7200W DC output, 25 liter fuel tank
220V AC output, both charger and generator
Dual channel wheel charging
Integrated, one-key electric start



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